Project Artistic Scenes

Transform 3D scenes into various art styles

The metaverse has opened a whole new world of possibilities for those interested in developing 3D and immersive content. But creating artistic 3D content often requires significant time and special expertise.

Project Artistic Scenes uses AI to automatically transform 3D scenes using styles from 2D artwork. With Project Artistic Scenes, creators can quickly create high-quality stylized 3D content that will be essential for the future of virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. Unlike traditional style techniques that only transform 2D images, Adobe’s approach transforms the entire 3D scene. This makes it possible to transfer a 3D scene into any artistic style — imagine a playground rendered as a watercolor painting, including realistic style details such as brushstrokes, creating a fully immersive, artistic 3D experience.

UpdatedOct 27, 2022
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Cornell University