Project Magnetic Type

Create magnetic fusions with Type & Vectors

Graphic design projects often include combining shapes with text. Yet the process of merging shapes with text can present challenges during the editing process, especially when the shapes associated with the text no longer align. Correcting this issue requires a lot of tedious repositioning and alignment — even for the most advanced designers.

Project Magnetic Type lets anyone attach and instantly fuse any shape — even hand-drawn calligraphy — to a piece of live digital text. Adobe’s AI technology allows fluid binding of shapes to text without distorting the original text’s aesthetics or its text-editability. This tech uses object detection models to enable easy extraction of swashes from any calligraphic image, which can be fused with any live type to give it a similar look. It provides flexibility when attaching and detaching shapes or objects, and expands a designer’s creativity when developing text-based content including logos or ads.

UpdatedOct 27, 2022
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