Project On Point

Find images based on body pose

In various creative workflows, you might want an image of a person in a particular pose. Describing this pose in text with keywords can be complicated and searching for a specific pose can quickly become frustrating.

To make searching for images of people either in a large image database such as Adobe Stock or your own personal photo album easier and fun, we present Project On Point.

Project On Point detects the body pose of people in a selected image and converts this into a feature which can be used to assess image similarity. The technology works on reference photos but can even work with a sketch or a simple stick figure to evaluate and retrieve images of similarly posed people.

Check out the video to see how Project On Point helps to retrieve an image of a child with a desired pose from millions of Adobe Stock images.

System RequirementsModern browsers
UpdatedOct 27, 2021
CategoryMachine Learning

Adobe Research