Project Sunshine

Add vibrant colors and lighting to your vector art

Vector artwork is beautiful and adaptable to a huge range of scales and complexity. But the tracing, coloring, and shading required to create richly detailed content can be a very exacting and time-consuming process. If you want to change a decision you made early on, such as the perceived scene light direction, updating the coloring and shading requires reworking large parts of your design.

Project Sunshine jump starts this process by helping artists to add vibrant colors and shading to their artwork. Artists can select a character or object and Project Sunshine will use machine learning to understand what the artwork represents and suggest many different ways to color it. Project Sunshine can also help bring shadows and highlights to artwork while letting the artist experiment with lighting from multiple directions.

Check out the video to see a demo of this technology!

System RequirementsModern browsers
UpdatedOct 27, 2021
CategoryVector GraphicsMachine Learning

Adobe Research