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You can stay current on updates to the Adobe Labs web site by subscribing to the Labs RSS feed, located at the following URLs:

This RSS feed will give you a summary of new and changed content on Adobe Labs, so that you can easily keep up with the latest content and contributions to the site. You can also read these feeds in a traditional weblog interface using your web browser.

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds can be consumed by either client-side aggregators such as FeedDemon (PC), or NetNewsWire (Macintosh) or browser-based aggregators like Bloglines. Current web browsers such as Firefox and Safari (as well as the upcoming Internet Explorer 7) also support direct browsing of RSS feeds.

Make sure to subscribe to the Adobe Labs RSS feed to stay on the cutting edge of Adobe technology, and watch the Adobe XML News Aggregator (formerly MXNA) to stay abreast of conversations happening within the Adobe user community.

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