Project Artful Frames

Transfer style from artwork to video

Project Artful Frames makes it easy to create stylized videos where each frame appears to have been created by an artist. Similar to the traditional animation technique called rotoscoping, this method uses a real video as a reference to preserve layout and realistic motion, but creates stylized animation by re-rendering this content in a non-photorealistic way.

Unlike traditional rotoscoping, which takes multiple hours just to produce outlines for a short clip, Project Artful Frames uses machine learning to automate this tedious process. As a result, it can be used to produce animations in styles that historically have been too labor intensive.

Style can be extracted from a single piece of artwork, making it easy to use the same technology to create a variety of aesthetic effects. Style can even be extracted from photographs, expanding the applications of Project Artful Frames to the realm of special effects.

Check out our video for some examples!

System RequirementsModern browsers
UpdatedOct 27, 2021
CategoryComputer Vision

Adobe Research