Welcome to Adobe Labs

A place for us to share some of our explorations into the future of creativity, expression, and communication.

Project Neo
Supercharge 2D designs using 3D magic!
Project Blink
AI-powered video editing on the web
Project Stardust

Create what you imagine

Project Shasta

AI-powered audio recording and editing on the web

Vanishing Act
Remove. Re-paint. Repeat.
Project All of Me

AI powered portrait uncropping, outfit editing, end more

Project Artistic Scenes

Transform 3D scenes into various art styles

Project Beyond the Seen

Generate 360° panoramas from a single 2D image

Project In the Shade

Shadow aware photo editing

Project Instant Add

Seamlessly add dynamic graphics to your videos

Project Magnetic Type

Create magnetic fusions with Type & Vectors

Project Motion Mix

Human Animation in a Loop from Images

Project Vector Edge

Assets in the real world

Project Clever Composites

AI-powered Automatic Object Compositing