Project Blink

AI-powered video editing on the web

Search for objects, sounds, and more

AI-powered search helps you find specific parts in your video – like elephants, cats, where someone is laughing, or all the questions people asked.

Edit videos like you edit text

With Project Blink, you can cut, paste, and delete text from video transcripts to edit the actual video.

Work with smooth and organized transcripts

AI-powered transcripts show who is saying what. Insert headings to create an outline of your video

Pull-out key moments

Project Blink automatically trims the ends of anything you clip from the transcript, so you can grab that impactful quote or funny joke and know it’s going to sound good.

Remove mistakes and distractions

Shorten your videos by finding and removing pauses, awkward sentences, or filler sounds like “um” and “ah”.

How to Use Project Blink

Fundamentals of Projects

Editing Projects



The Project Blink beta testing is now over. More updates coming soon.

Project Blink


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Oct 18, 2022