Project Comic Blast

Reinventing the way comics are created and consumed

Comic books represent some of the most exciting and creative work being done in the Graphic Design industry. Over a period of 200 years, comic books have evolved from print, to digital, to animated/motion comics — and now even AR and VR. But the process of designing comic books is still primitive, time-consuming, and extremely complicated.

Comic Blast is a one-stop comic book design tool which reinvents the way comics are created and consumed. It introduces efficient, collaborative, and intelligent design and technology paradigms to make comic book creation not only fun, but many times faster.

Backed by Adobe's cloud services, Comic Blast makes the world’s most flexible layout engine available to comic book designers. Powered by neural technologies like Content Aware Fit, Content Aware Fill, Adaptive Layouts, and Auto-vectorization, Comic Blast provides a completely new experience for comic book design. Additionally, Comic Blast uses Machine Learning to create and deliver contextual and user-specific content.

Comic Blast reimagines the comic-creation process by enabling:

  • Quick and beautiful layouts

  • Seamless collaboration

  • Powerful content digitization and image tracing

  • Motion graphics and interactivity

  • Personalized and contextual content

UpdatedOct 20, 2020
CategoryGraphic DesignMachine Learning

Adobe XD, InDesign, and Fresco (Design and Engineering)