Project In Sync

Connecting Adobe XD designs to real, production-ready code


The workflow between designers and developers has always been tricky. Designers have a set of tools they’re comfortable with (Adobe XD, for instance), while developers have a completely different set of tools they use to implement those designs (for example, React). As anyone who has ever been involved in the designer/developer workflow knows, using two completely different technologies to represent the same thing can lead to some pretty wide gaps.

One way to close those gaps would be to have design tools generate code, but it’s extremely difficult to generate code that meets the standards of most engineers. Another approach could be to have designers learn React, but if designers wanted to spend their days inside of an IDE instead of design tools, they would have become developers.

Project In Sync finally solves this problem by generating and consuming models of UI rather than UI itself. That means designers can use Adobe XD (which, behind the scenes, generates In Sync models), and developers can write components — in any language, using any framework — that consume those model. Everyone wins.

Seem too good to be true? It’s not. Check out the video to see Project In Sync in action.

UpdatedOct 20, 2020
CategoryDesign & Development

Adobe Design Prototyping


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