Project Make it Pop

Vectorize graphics in images

Creating vector illustrations from scratch requires a great degree of skill and time. Project Make it Pop uses the power of machine learning to make it quick and easy for anyone to create vector graphics out of images.

Traditional methods of vectorizing a photograph are based on color values and pixels, creating vector shapes that are difficult to edit and don’t necessarily correspond to how humans understand and manipulate shapes. By using machine learning to understand the scene, Project Make it Pop makes it easy to create and customize an illustration by distinguishing between the background and the foreground as well as recognizing connected shapes and structures.

This understanding of the scene goes beyond just creating that initial illustration unraveling new ways of working with vectors. Check out the video to see how Project Make it Pop can make your vector artwork pop!

System RequirementsModern browsers
UpdatedOct 27, 2021
CategoryVector GraphicsMachine Learning

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