Project Stardust

Create what you imagine

Image editing reimagined

Project Stardust in an object based image editor, powered by AI and Adobe Firefly. Stardust detects objects like humans can, enabling anyone to edit and create.

See Project Stardust in action

Select, move and scale objects in the image to the right. Request full access to the Stardust Experience here.

No layers required

Delete or move objects in your image and Stardust will automagically fill in what’s left behind, transforming the way you edit without the hassle of complex tools.

Object detection

With Project Stardust, selection creation is done for you. You can move, rotate, scale or delete any object with a click. Say goodbye to photobombers, tourists and distractors of any kind.

Background detection

Background detection allows for easy background removal or replacement using Adobe Firefly to generate a new scene for your story.

How to use Project Stardust

Featured at Adobe MAX Sneaks

Try Project Stardust

Project Stardust was created for everyone to achieve amazing and professional results, even on the go. Try Project Stardust today in your browser or on an iPhone device and tell us what you think!

Project Stardust


Artificial InteligenceImage Editing

System Requirements

Latest web browsers


Feb 13, 2024


Open for beta testing


Adobe Research, Digital Imaging, and Adobe Design